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The website for railway enthusiasts to find the perfect railway cottage, station or carriage to accommodate them for a holiday.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to run an informative and detailed, yet simple and intuitive website for all railway enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. The website is here to enable railway enthusiasts to search for their ideal property for a railway holiday. Our fully integrated advanced search facility enables users to find a property based on the selected regions, types, and/or features.

The Story of Railway Station Cottages


Railway Station Cottages began its journey in 2013. Development of the website began on 3 May and concluded in December.


On 27 January 2014 Railway Station Cottages was launched.


In 2015, development began on the first major update to Railway Station Cottages (version 2.0). On 6 November the update was deployed and saw the website refreshed with a new responsive design.

RSC 2.0 marked a huge leap into making the website more widely available to those accessing from devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Railway Station Cottages featured in major publications such as the Heritage Railway Magazine.

Development on the second major update to Railway Station Cottages (version 3.0) commenced towards the end of 2016.


Railway Station Cottages was featured in Vanity Fair magazine.

2017 also saw a new update of Railway Station Cottages (version 3.0) released which included a completely overhauled and improved design.


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Railway Station Cottages is the trading name of Railway Station Cottages Limited. The company is registered in England with Registered Number 08715014. The Registered Address is: Cedar Lodge, York Road, Shiptonthorpe, York, YO43 3PH.

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